SEPTEMBER 16, 2018


You are invited to join Rehoboth in weekly prayer by conference call on Sunday mornings @ 8:00 AM and again every Wednesday @ 6:00 PM by simply calling 1.877.501.6229 and dialing 8662587#. Be a part of setting the atmosphere for our 3 PM service!

Beginning this month, September, every 3rdWednesday Rehoboth will have prayer service @ 7:30PM. Hump Day Blessings, amazing music and guest speakers will make our Wednesday night prayer service something to talk about.   Meet us right here in the sanctuary on Wednesday September 19th@ 7:00PM.

Our next New Member’s class is Saturday, September 29th. Those new members scheduled to attend will receive text notifications. Multiple classes are occurring on the same day, so please take note of the time you are scheduled. Be on time and please RSVP. Your facilitator is planning light refreshments for you and will need an accurate headcount. 

The next Ministers Training and Network gathering will be Saturday, September 22ndfrom 1:00-3:00PM at the home of Elder Sandra Robertson @ 2804 McCoy Ave. East Point, GA 30344. The topic is Effective 21stCentury Preaching and if you are interested in becoming a minister or learning about this topic you are welcome to attend. All ordained and licensed ministers are requested to attend. If you will be present, please RSVP by calling, texting or emailing Elder Sandra Robertson @ 404.514.0888 or ervrobertson@gmail.comBe on time and bring the materials provided at the last training session.

This 4th Sunday the Worship Ministry will celebrate the LGBTQI Ball and House Communities with House Music. We will honor the legacy of the music that spoke to so many of our brothers and sisters before us. 

If you are in need of PASTORAL SUPPORT, whether it is the birth of a child, a hospital stay, or the loss of a loved one, our team is available to you 24 hours a day. Please contact our Congregational Care Team @ (404) 621-6814.  

REHOBOTH FELLOWSHIP OF ATLANTA has made room for you! Those interested in joining can do so by visiting the membership table in the Narthex before or after service. "Get connected to the "Well".


Mr. Chris and Mrs. Karen, The Family of Mr. Christopher Goodine of Chattanooga, TN 

Sister Felisha Tinsley

Mother Celeste Williams

Brother Norris Williams